Get To Know About The BER Certificates And Air Leakage Testing

BER is the very important assessment of the houses that the homeowners are required if they want to sell or rent their property. It is the indication of the performance of your house and also indicates what parts of the house needs the amendments.So in this regard, it is the most integral part certification that the house owners must have to pass in order to sell, construct or to rent their property.
The safety of the home and the family is the ultimate desire of every person. The family and the house is the only investment of man, which, once damaged cannot be regained. So it is the wise option to select the best thing that cannot damage the security and the safety of your house and your family members. So in this regard, BER Certificate is the thing that can help you to ensure the safety of your house and its residents.

But you must be in thought that what actually is BER? Here is the simple, small guide for you. What is BER?

BER is the Building Energy Rating that is just similar to the energy labels that comes with the energy appliances. It is required by the law to have your house checked by the BER Accessors and to have the BER certificate in order to get your house at rent or at sale. The basic rating of BER scales from the A1 to G. The A1 house is the most energy efficient and the G is the least efficient. The BER certificate is the certificate that checks the major components of dwellings like roofs, windows, door sizes, walls and also the orientation and also the type of the lightening that you have used in your house. The BER certificate covers all the annual energy use for the house that includes the space heating, water heating, ventilation, lightening associated pumps and other appliances like fans, lights etc.

In this regard, the BER Accessors can help you to maintain the safety of your house.

Who needs BER?

As mentioned above, BER is the necessary legal certificate that is established by the European communities (Energy Performance of Buildings) Regulations. The BER is required for the home owners who are going to sell the property and for those who are also on the verge to rent their house to the tenants. The BER is the integral part for the home owners in order to get the safety and security of their investment and their family members. This BER certificate will allow the home owners to get the thorough assessment of their homes and also indicates the parts of the houses that need to be upgraded like for the air or gas leakage etc.

The BER Certificates also provides the complete Air Leakage Testingalong with the Part L Testthat will ensure the home owners the complete energy efficiency.

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