Four Tips for Buying a Furnace and Air Conditioner

One of the modern conveniences in life that we enjoy is the ability to heat and cool our homes. If you live in a climate that gets unbearably hot in the summer or cold in the winter, then this is something that you can truly appreciate. Heating and cooling your home is something that you might not think about often. You might take it for granted until something happens and you no longer have a comfortable temperature in your home. There are many factors that you might not be aware of that can influence which furnace and air conditioning unit you should purchase. There are heating and air conditioning contractors in Kennesaw that can answer your questions. Here are four tips that can make purchasing a furnace and air conditioning unit easier.

Your home is unique. If you have a contractor who is willing to sell you a furnace or air conditioning unit over the phone or in a store, then he or she is probably not the contractor for you. A good contractor will come to your house to do a home energy assessment. They have the tools necessary to help determine what kind of units you should purchase. They will measure the square footage of your home. They should also measure the sizes of your windows and doors to help determine how much energy will be lost through them. They have the ability to measure the air flow coming from each vent in your house. This helps them to determine what size furnace and air conditioner you will need to ensure proper coverage in each room of your house. They will also take into consideration the local climate to determine how hard the units will have to work in order to keep your house at a comfortable climate.

A contractor can help you determine whether the ductwork in your home is properly routed. Sometimes they might suggest re-working the ducts to make them more efficient. Other times, you might just need to add a blower to help keep the air flow stronger to some parts of your home. A heating and air conditioning contractor can check for these needs and help ensure that everything is working properly. You also want to make sure that the ductwork in your home is clean. This is very important in keeping good air quality in your home. People with allergies can benefit greatly from getting the ducts in their home cleaned.

Furnace and Air Conditioner
Bigger is not always better. After you have the home energy assessment you will know what size furnace you need to purchase. Sometimes you will have the choice of installing two different units. They will each heat a different part of your home. The contractor will be able to let you know if this is a possible option for you. It is wise to look for an energy-efficient furnace. You will save money each month on your gas and electric bills. Your air conditioner works with the furnace to cool your home in the summer. The furnace blower is used to blow the cool air throughout the house. You want to make sure that each unit can work with the other unit.

It is important to change your furnace filter often. This helps the air flow more efficiently through the system and prevents the furnace from working harder to heat your home. It is better to maintain than to frantically look for a contractor to make repairs during an emergency.

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