5 Benefits of Refinishing Your Hardwood Floors

Are you not satisfied with the way our hardwood floors look? Before you break the bank, consider the option of refinishing hardwood floors in Kennesaw, GA. This option is a less expensive investment, can be done quicker than an entirely new installation, and can give you results that look just as fabulous as new floors. How does it work? Like this:

Target Specific Problems
Hardwood floor are a beautiful commodity for any home, unfortunately they also come with some maintenance. Even if you sweep, clean, dust, and do your best to maintain your hardwood floors, chances are they will sustain some damaged over time. Some common hardwood damage includes the following:

Water leaks that damage the wood
Sun fading
Wear from foot traffic
Old look, color, or style that needs refreshing
Fortunately for you, refinishing services can address all of these issues so that you do not have to buy new floors!

Save Money on Your Investment
Hardwood floors are an investment that is well worth it. When you first bought your hardwood floors, you were probably so excited! Then with time, the floors faded, got spilled on, got chipped, or even experienced water leaking from the refrigerator or sink. After a few years, you realize that you may have to invest in even more money in those floors that were so pristine at first! It happens to most people, hardwood floors or not.

However, be assured that you do not have to go out and purchase entirely new floors (unless you really want to, of course!). Most people wish to avoid the hassle of shopping, haggling, tearing up the old floors, and installing the new, all while your life is being interrupted with work going on in needed areas of your house! But what if you could keep your current floors and make them look completely new? That is what refinishing does. It is much less expensive than replacing the floor altogether, but you can still get a new, fresh look.

Quicker Results
You are probably wondering about the turn-around-time as well. Yes, refinishing is quicker than installing. If you are replacing your current floor with new hardwood, then you will have to go through the process of tearing up the old floor, preparing the surface, and installing and finishing and the new floors. Or at least, your contractor will have to do all of that for you. The entire process can take days or even weeks. Not to mention that it takes up space in your kitchen, living room, or any other space where the work is being done. It’s so disruptive! But with refinishing, the process can be done in a few days, maybe even one depending on the amount of damage!

Make Repairs
Refinishing is so effective because it is deeper than just recoating the floor. If your floor can get by with a simple recoating, then great! However, if your floor has sustained any nicks or dents, then refinishing can fix that. Refinishing involves sanding the floor and stripping the wax so that the pro can get at the actual wood. Then the professionals can repair chips, dents, and even replace warped pieces of wood that have been too damaged by water. When the wood looks flawless again, the expert can recoat the wood with whatever finish and stain that you prefer for your home, sealing in the repairs and extending the durability of your floor.

Update the Style
Yes, refinishing hardwood floors in Kennesaw, GA, can also help to update the current look of your floors. It’s common for homeowners to grow tired of looking at the same colors every day. If you’re repairing your hardwood, you might as well change up the look! Dark, rich, polished wood floors are popular these days, as are reddish-tinted floors that add warmth to the house. If you like the “purposefully destructed” or “lived on” look, you can tell the pro to use a finish that allows the natural flaws and grain of the wood to show while still sealing the wood for durability.

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